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Discussione: Became taller ?

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    L'avatar di damnationz
    damnationz non  è collegato Principiante
    Data Registrazione
    Jun 2007
    height 1.84 cm weight 82 kg

    Predefinito Became taller ?

    Hi , I'm trying to became taller , do yoou have any advice for some exercises to do or some product to take for reach that objective .
    thank you very much.

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    L'avatar di tattoos
    tattoos non  è collegato My life's a heavy luggage
    Data Registrazione
    Jul 2005


    How old are you, dear damnationz ?

    I think that there are no exercise or product (legal or illegal) that could you help in this way.

    Weigth exercises would you bring a noticeable bone density, but not a more height. Sorry.

    Just a question. Why in english ?

    It's clear, anyway, that we don't bear talking about illegal product...

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    L'avatar di Boromir
    Boromir non  è collegato Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Data Registrazione
    Jun 2006
    Los Angeles, CA USA


    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da damnationz Visualizza Messaggio
    Hi , I'm trying to became taller , do yoou have any advice for some exercises to do or some product to take for reach that objective .
    thank you very much.
    Right, why in English? Especially because it's wrong to say "take for reach". The correct form is "take TO reach" or - if you really want to use the preposition FOR - "take for the purpose to reach"

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    L'avatar di biggym
    biggym non  è collegato Mr Italia
    Data Registrazione
    Feb 2007


    ai dont tinc det iz possibl tu ric det obgectiv.

    Stupid mode off

    Hi guy,i think that there is nothing to do in this way...

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    L'avatar di Sfondry
    Sfondry non  è collegato Mr Italia
    Data Registrazione
    Mar 2007


    After a lengthy search I found that there is no proven easy way to
    grow taller. Especially not with simple stretches or pills. There
    are several exercise programs that claim to straighten your posture
    and give a "taller appearance". The most popular of these is
    Stott-Pilates Exercises.

    There are two proven medical procedures that can increase your height,
    Human Growth Hormone Replacement and Limb Lengthening Surgery.
    Unfortunately both can have negative side effects.

    _Limb Lengthening surgery_

    The surgery was originally used to help correct deformities (i/e:
    severe asymmetry in the limbs) but has recently been used to increse
    the height of "Little People" (dwarves and people born with
    achondroplasia). Though this procedure is controversial within the LP
    community, it can be viewed as a "necessary" medical procedure,
    whereas yours would be for vanity and not covered by surgery. I don't
    think you'd be able to find an ethical surgeon to perform the
    operation, even if you could afford it.

    It's probably much more than you're willing to go through since it
    takes several years, and the potential complications include:
    bending/twisting of the bone at the site where it is cut, nerve
    damage, and paralysis of the limb.

    _Human Growth Hormone Replacement_

    In the US Human Growth Hormone is available by prescription only for
    regimented treatment; any place that is offering it for sale over
    the counter is either operating illegally or selling something else.
    Some foreign countries such as Mexico sell it without prescription.
    Be warned however, HGH will not just make you taller, it will make you
    bigger all around. It was recently implicated in the Major League
    Baseball streoids scandal.

    Human Growth Hormone will make you taller, but not safely so.

    It sounds like your best bet is the aforementioned Stotts Pilate
    Exercises. Information about Pilates is included in the useful links
    section of this answer.

    If nothing works, don't worry. If you are only 18 there is still a
    chance that you will grow taller.

    hope this information sufficiently answers your question.

    Useful Links

    International Center for Limb Lengthening

    A _Detroit News_ article about limb lengthening surgery

    Recent Sports Illustrated story on steroid and HGH abuse in baseball

    FAQs from US organizations that practice Stotts/Pilates

    Articles about Human Growth Hormone Replacement

    Sites Used

    International Center for Limb Lengthening

    Little People of America, Inc

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