As of right now, I'm at level 68 combat, which is a little reduced to defeat 2 level 100 dagganoths. I had been wondering what RuneScape gold the best setup is for me to really go about the final battle. Im planning on using a dlong and a ddagger (p++) for the spec. Im going to use the greatest potential mage strikes I can, but I need to understand the best setup I can use and also make it out of this struggle alive and it has to be cheap, I am a little tight on cash. Thanks in advance. Im also considering bringing sharks as food. P.S. is there a safespot for maging? Because when there is, I think I will probably just do this. (that's what I did for lost city)

I do not feel that there is a safespot (you'll have to double check). I did it at about precisely the exact same combat level as possible, mind you I had Protection Prayers. The first Dagganoth is rather easy, so only melee him. If you just happen to own Void Armour (out of Pest Control) that would be exceedingly helpful. Protection Prayers are also very useful, though it might cost you close to 1m to achieve 43 Prayer. The fight aganst the next Dagganoth will be very tough, so try to memorize if you need to change between Range/Melee/Mage.

So, I decided to try out something new and visit the Barrows Brothers, 75% to the enjoyable experience and 25 percent in hopes of having a Barrows item. My strength and defense are relatively low when compared with my attack, will I at least be able to kill a few of the brothers along with my stats? ALSO, if you were able to suggest equipment + stock, that would be mega helpful. The cash, do your best not to make it a whole lot, but I have a reasonable sum to throw about.

As you are 74 defence, I recommend a tanking method that consists of melee armor and Slayer's Staff. I normally utilize Verac's for the prayer bonus but its really your choice. Then make your way to the swamp boat and visit Barrows. Then proceed to Ahrim or even Karil (for you Ahrim will probably be best because of your low magic trick ) use the rest of your prayer points on these two but prayer pots shouldn't be necessary.

Then proceed to the rest of the brothers and do not beg. Simply wear whole melee armor and Slayer dart them. Among the brothers won't be in his grave and you'll need to go through the tunnels to locate him. If you've got very little food or are contrary to Dharok in the tube, it is suggested to take a sip of your prayer pot (although you won't have to do this much). Solve the mystery and open the chest. Afterwards teleport back to your own residence, restore prayer in your own sanity, use a teleport into Canifis and replicate. Oh since this is going to be your very first time, use Monkfish instead. However, as you get more experienced you won't have to buy old school rs gold utilize these.