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    555 non  č collegato Mr Italia
    Data Registrazione
    Dec 2007
    150 Squat-180 DeadLift - 120 Bench @85Kg

    Messaggio Lista Link Routine, schemi di allenamento



    Kelly Baggett

    Build Muscle & Lose Fat Simultaneously?-

    A Training Philosophy For Solid Mass Gain-

    The Skinny-Fat Ecto Part II-

    Christian Thibaudeau

    Ab Training for Athletes and Babe Hounds-

    Part-Time Beast-

    The MacGyver Workout- (Good routine for when you have limited equipment)

    Training for Easy Hard Gainers-

    Training for Easy Hard Gainers II-

    Renaissance Body Development-

    Dan John

    Strong Eye for the Weak Guy-

    Iron John: PVC and Press-Ups-

    Iron John: AIT Training-;j...5-137-training

    The "Secret Workout"-

    Vasily's "Master of Masters" Training Program-

    One Lift a Day Stuff-

    The Body is One Piece Program-

    The Thirteen Minute Drill-

    The WOR 2004. The World's Finest Workout Randomizer...don't settle for fakes!-

    Chad Waterbury Routines

    Powerful Partials Program-

    Custom Hypertrophy Program-

    Perfect 10 Training-

    The Art of Waterbury-

    Primed For Muscle-

    Hybrid Hypertrophy-

    SOB Training-

    The Waterbury Method-

    Lift Fast, Get Big-

    Triple Total Training-

    Singleā€™s Club-

    The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program, Part II-

    Quattro Dynamo-

    Joe DeFranco

    Westside for Skinny Bastards-

    Westside for Skinny Bastards II-

    Training Economy-

    Alwyn Cosgrove

    Undulating Periodization Part One-

    Undulating Periodization Part Two-

    Undulating Periodization Part Three-

    Holiday Workout Program-

    Bill Starr

    Madcow variation- Intermediate Program-

    Classic Football Strength Training-

    New Lifter Routine-

    The Strong SHALL Survive-

    Animal Pak

    training routine #1-

    training routine #3-

    training routine #6-

    Mike Mahler

    Keeping Training fun with Kettlebells-

    The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength-

    EDT+Kettlebells=Major Increases in Strength and Size!-

    10 Reasons To Do The 3x3 Program For Strength Or Size-

    Testosterone and Growth Hormone Workouts-

    54321 Shut Up And Train!-

    Singles For Size And Strength-

    Customized Volume Training-

    Rest Pause Training-

    The Compound Solution For Puny Arms-

    GTG for Bigger Arms-

    Leg Training to Pack On Some Size-

    Nothing Like A Great Rack!-

    Pump Up the Volume for your Body Type-

    When Life Gets Stressful, Turn To Back-up Training Programs-

    3x3 Program For Incredible Gains In Size Or Strength-

    High Frequency Training: More Frequency Equals Faster Results-

    Condense Time And Get Bigger And Stronger Faster!-

    Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Strength Gains-

    Testosterone and Growth Hormone Workouts-

    3-5 Gradual High Volume Program For Incredible Gains In Size And Strength-

    Rotation Training For Multiple Goals-

    The Compound Solution For Puny Arms-

    Workout Less And Achieve More-

    16 Week Training Cycle! No More Confusion-

    Bodyweight Exercises For Size And Strength-


    Charles Staley A-B split-

    George State University's research on optimal hypertrophy-

    Animal Mass' (Matt Reynolds) Favourite routines-

    DoggCrapp Training-

    Comeback Training: How to Get Your Lazy Butt Back in the Gym by Marc McDougal-

    The Quest for Size and Strength by Mike Robertson- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems....les/quest.html

    Hypertrophy Specific Training by Bryan Hancook-

    Fortified Iron's mass program-

    Westside for Bodybuilders by Kethnaab-

    MT's Chris Mason's Hypertrophy Routine-

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    L'avatar di 555
    555 non  č collegato Mr Italia
    Data Registrazione
    Dec 2007
    150 Squat-180 DeadLift - 120 Bench @85Kg




    Workout Less And Achieve More-

    Five Killer Tips To Improve Your Military Press-

    Rotation Training For Multiple Goals-

    Rest Pause Training To Train The CNS For Super Strength-

    High Frequency Training For Dramatic Strength Gains-

    Pendulum Powerlifting by Christian Thibaudeau-

    Vitaly Papazov. Training program-

    Sergey Popov. Bench Press training program-

    Sheiko (link ok)

    Boris Sheiko. CMS & MS training program #1-

    Boris Sheiko. Beginners' training program #2-

    Yuri Ustinov. Sheiko training test-

    Tom O'Brien's 3 Lifts Training Program.-

    12 week russian cycle ( Excel )- http://calc/Russian_cycle.xls

    Korte 3x3 Annual Plan Jan- July-

    Korte 3x3 Annual Plan July- November-

    Metal Militia Bench Routine by Sebastian Burns-

    Strength-Focused Mesocycle-

    Sheiko style training:

    Bob Youngs Westside for beginners-

    15 week to super strength by Kelly Baggett-

    Twelve Week Periodized Peaking Cycle For Power Lifters! by Dr.Squat-

    Powerlifting Routines- 77&Itemid=63

    Killer Russian Workout by Pavel Tsatsouline-

    Conjugate 3x3-

    Metal Militia Training Article by Sebastian Burns-

    Ed Coan deadlift routine-

    Sheiko Beginners program-

    Monthly training plan #1 of Candidates to Master of Sport* and Masters of Sport* in preparation period. By Boris Sheiko.-

    Bench Press Training System by Boris Sheiko-

    Olympic Lifting

    Russian Training-

    Bulgarian Olympic Training-

    Olympic Lifting Routines- 80&Itemid=64

    Advanced Olympic lifting program-

    Calpian Weightlifting Program by Matt Foreman-

    East Coast Gold Olympic Program-

    Sports specific

    Pendulum Training for Athletes by Christian Thibaudeau-

    Bill Starr's 5x5-

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    L'avatar di 555
    555 non  č collegato Mr Italia
    Data Registrazione
    Dec 2007
    150 Squat-180 DeadLift - 120 Bench @85Kg


    SEAL's workout-

    Dinosaur westside-

    Bill Starrs the strongest shall survive-

    Kettlebell training-

    Strongman training-

    Davidson College Football Program-

    Training for the highschool athlete-

    Undulating Periodization for athletes by Alwyn Cosgrove-

    Strongman workout by Corey St.Clair-

    Basketball Strength Training-

    In season American Football Program-

    Program for wrestlers-

    6 Week Vertical Jump Program-

    In season football program-

    Keg and Tire training by Allen Hedrick-

    21 week vertical jump program by Ferdrick Hatfield-

    Hopkins Football 2000 Summer Lifting: Upperclassmen by Bill Starr-

    Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical! by Christian Thibaudeau-


    Muscle Fibres, Training and More by Dr. Mel Siff-

    Squatting By Dr.Mel Siff-

    The Gable Method by Dan John-

    Shoulder Savers by Eric Cressey-

    Got Training By Brijesh Patel-

    Olympic Lifting 101 by Brijesh Patel-

    Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum by Eric Cressey-

    If It's Not Cosgrove, It's Crap! by Alwyn Cosgrove-

    DB Hammers training methods-

    Anyone looking for the science etc behind training should go to-

    Eight Keys by Dave Tate-

    loads on Dual Factor training by Matt Reynolds

    The High Frequency Secret by Chad Waterbury-

    The Specialization Zone Emphasis Training for Advanced Physique Enhancement by Christian Thibaudeau-

    The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part I Think performance, not fatigue! by John Paul Catanzaro-

    The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part II, Think performance, not fatigue! by John Paul Catanzaro-

    Iron John: What You Know Vs. What You Do by Dan John-

    10 uses for a smith machine by Eric Cressey-

    Advanced Dumbbell Training by Allen Hedrick-

    How to strengthen rosie and her five friends by Jim Wendler-

    The Triumvirate By Jim Wendler-

    Transformation of a Young Athlete By Zach Even-Esh-

    Exercises you've never tried-

    Man with a Plan, Part 1- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems....manwplan1.html

    Man with a Plan, Part 2- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems....manwplan2.html

    Man with a Plan, Part 3- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems....manwplan3.html

    Man with a Plan, Training Template- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems....plan_temp.html

    Rope Revolution by Chad Waterbury-

    The Band Man by Dave Tate-

    Loading the Organism by Matthew Perryman-

    Loading the Organism by Matthew Perryman-

    18 tips for bullet proof knees by Mike Robertson-



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