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  1. #1
    L'avatar di IronPaolo
    IronPaolo non  è collegato Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Data Registrazione
    Nov 2004
    220-162.5-270 gara completa

    Predefinito Westside Chin Ups - Mi ha risposto anche Pavel!!!

    Devo dire che scrivo tutto questo con un bel po’ di soddisfazione narcisista, e sicuramente sono un po’ pallone gonfiato ma… non ce l’ho fatta a trattenermi.

    Tempo fa stavo tornando da Roma in treno (ovviamente… il treno è la mia seconda casa). Stavo leggendo un po’ di roba stampata in inglese, schemi, tabelle. Mi sono detto che se avessi dovuto scrivere qualcosa in inglese, l’unica cosa di un certo interesse sarebbe stato il ciclo di trazioni Westside-style fatto l’anno scorso. Del resto, una trazione con 75Kg di sovraccarico non l’ho trovata nelle mie solite razzie su youtube.

    E allora, ho scritto un articolo in inglese! Un inglese che è uno slang, imparato dall’heavy metal, dai comics, dai libri tecnici…

    Poi ho postato tutto su e su, qui:

    Il primo è un sito di riferimento dove scrivono autori come Poliquin, King e tanti altri, il secondo è il sito di Pavel Tsatsouline, autore interessantissimo e geniale. Chiaro, ho postato il materiale sui forum, non è che sono un “autore” ma, come direbbe il Punitore, un pazzo qualunque.

    Che dire… il riscontro è stato estremamente positivo: su T-Nation sono a oltre 1000 letture, e su Dragondoor sono a 320 ma, grandissima soddisfazione per me, mi ha risposto Pavel stesso!

    Chiaro, mica sono così fesso da credere che i 1000 accessi siano tutte letture complete dell’articolo (magari hanno letto 2 righe e hanno detto: “ma chi è questo decerebrato?”) e Pavel è uno che oltre 20000 post sul suo forum.

    Però… io ho scritto qualcosa che almeno in apparenza sembra essere stato reputato interessante, altri… no. Significherà poco, ma sicuramente “poco” non è “zero”.

    Non lo traduco, dài… è ELEMENTARE, e poi è l’espansione del pezzo sulle trazioni scritto qui: http://www.dangerousfitness.fituncen...-principianti/

    Ecco l’articolo.
    I have read many book of Pavel (mighty for me is “beyond bodybuilding”), but never read the dragondoor site. I’ve found many amazing ideas here!!
    I would tell you a “strange” approach to chin ups! Or.. I hope so!

    I love chin ups, in a “love/hate” manner, just an obsession

    I hit my best repetition-PR with 30 reps. This is the video of 27, I’ve miss the other one:

    Before of this cycle of chin ups I have a best maximum lift PR with 70Kg of overloading, this is the video:

    I have applied WestSide Principles to Chin-Ups, a non-standard, non-canonical, non-classic, non-competition exercise and I hit my best lift in only 5 weeks! One repetition with an overloading of 75Kg @ 78Kg of bodyweight.

    Honestly, I think it’s an interesting result. Sailing everywhere in Youtube and Google Video I haven’t found a clip of an overloading like that, so I think it’s uncommon… So I hope you continue reading

    And… so I think WS works not only for Powerlifting
    I’m a 38 year old, newbie powerlifter from Italy (so, I?m sorry for my strange language). I’ve worked with iron for about 20 years like a strange hybrid of power-bodybuilder. I’ve ever loved raising iron. In 2005, surfing the net, I knew some strong veteran powerlifters. Amazing! Powerlifting was love at first sight.

    My first IPF competition (in Italy is FIPL), in 2005, I score 190Kg-125Kg-240Kg @ 76Kg BW. In 2006, I score 220Kg-162.5Kg-270Kg @ 83.5Kg.
    I had trained myself with a schedule in WS style. My virtual-real coach is Enrico Bomboletti, italian 2006 IPF champion in -100Kg Class (”virtual” because he train me across internet, viewing my videos, “real” because sometime I travel for 150Km to be trained “live” by him). Sandro Rossi, IPF Master M2 2006 Champion is the coach of Enrico. They are my gurus, and they are the source of my knowledge.

    Last summer I try my first 6 weeks Westside cycle. Enrico proposed me a classical cycle to “feel” the westside. 4 session per weeks, board, deloading, bands and so on. Great!.

    I trained myself totally raw because i’m ever alone and i’m too newbie to use shirts and suits, I was feared to hurt me.

    I’ve attached the JPEG of the schedule
    The Squat/Bench/Deadlift schedule worked fine! I score my PR in the competition after this cycle. Enrico did a great job ad I finally felt the WS spirit: using and managing over-maximal loadings. A board press with 165Kg, 30Kg over my raw 135 PR in bench press raised the bench to 140Kg after the cycle, and then to 145Kg. Lifting over-maximal to increase the maximal lift.

    Well, in this first cycle I had a crazy idea to improve my best lift in the chin ups. I work hard in chin ups, very hard. For years! My best lift was a rep with an overloading of 70Kg in 2004, after a long Sheiko-style cycle (more, I used reaching the failure every set… my God!): hundreds of reps, tons of iron lifted. 70Kg of best ever and a painful epicondylitis. So painful that I cannot lift up my daughter of 5 years old and 17Kg of bodyweight without screaming…

    At the beginning of the cycle I tested my 1RM: 60Kg of overloading @ 78Kg of bodyweight. Ok, not so bad! I trained the chin ups in the bench press session, splitting the 6 weeks into 3+3 weeks:

    ME Sessions
    3 weeks of close grip chin ups
    3 weeks of medium grip chin ups ("competition" chin ups)

    The goal of the ME session is to became stronger, but also to “feel” the iron, to avoid the fear of failing. Close grip chin ups are useful because of the low mental stress they require to be done. Like deadlift on the box or box squat, not working on the competition lift is a better way to train.
    ME is a key point: a lack of strength? and you fail the lift at the top, when you have to squeeze your lats and your biceps.

    DE Sessions
    The goal of DE Session is to acquire the ability of generate a high rate of force development (RFD) and to sustain it for a not-so-short range of time.

    My idea is: like going up from the “hole” of the squat as quick as I can, I have to fire up my body from the bottom toward the top of the lift. Only in this way I can pass the “dead angle” when the arms are parallel to the ground. Like Iron Mainden’s song, “be quick or be dead”. So, I have to learn how to explode with my lats from the bottom position. I have to be dynamic, so I must train in DE-mode

    Setting the load was a problem because in the chin ups we have to lift the iron AND our own body weight?

    I suppose that not the whole bodyweight is lifted but about 90%. I suppose that I was so strong to reach the goal of 75Kg overloading. (”Ok, Paolo, you’re the best lifter in the town!” This was true because I was the only lifter in my little town)

    So, solving these incredible equations, I obtained:
    ( 78Kg bodyweight x 90% + 75Kg overloading ) * 60% = 16.9Kg
    ( 78Kg bodyweight x 90% + 75Kg overloading ) * 65% = 24.2Kg
    ( 78Kg bodyweight x 90% + 75Kg overloading ) * 60% = 31.4Kg

    And the final results, rounding the values?
    60% = 15Kg
    65% = 25Kg
    70% = 30Kg

    I’ve setted the DE loads according to these values, maybe not so scientific but useful.

    For the first 3 week I tried “elastic chin ups”: I use my PL belt, a heavy barbell and a tera-band. With “trials and errors” I measured a zero force at the bottom and about 20Kg at the top. A very interesting exercise, in my opinion. A dynamic start, then is very difficult closing the lift. I would appear very strange to my wife and my daughter, but they know that “daddy is crazy”

    I tried a classic set of 3 reps like a DE of bench press, but 2 is better in my opinion, less stress. I used 3 or 4 different grips.
    So, ME to feel the load, DE to feel the speed. You fail the lift at the top because you are weak, you fail the lift at the bottom because you are slow.

    I wouldn’t make the fool mistake of past years: doing only a kind of chin ups. It was too painful, and only an idiot loves pain without gain! In assistance works I tried many exercises, always in a lot of set of low reps. Changing rotating, varying the assistance exercises was a key point! So in assistance work I did also pull ups

    Some strange exercises I’ve done (not strange in this forum however):
    Rings chin ups: you must build a couple of rings like gymnastic rings (some straps, some chains, some metal tubes. very low tech and inexpensive). An unstable kind of chin ups

    Parallel chin ups: try to use the dip station in your gym
    Chin up with deadlift grip: one hand “face up”, the other “face down”, alternate each set.

    I didn’t plan a schedule for assistance work. Assistance work is the relaxing part of the sessions. First the job with DE/ME, then the fun. I like training with 1′ rest, many iron plates, many sets of few reps (max 4). I.e. sets like these: 3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-3-3-3 going up and down with kilograms. Amazingly, I became stronger in all of these exercises, and an overloading of 40Kg was quite usual!

    And now some videos! I’m sorry for the low quality, but these are training video, to be seen to find errors, not to certify a record.

    Well, at last, I hit the goal of 75Kg in the ME session of 5° week! I failed 80Kg the next week. Fuck… 80Kg… 4×20Kg… But after all 75Kg is a nice result, isn’t it? I increase my PR of 5Kg and my annual PR of 15Kg
    This is the video, I’m sorry, you have to see me first doing a 10cm board press (by the way, you can see me alone failing a lift at 165Kg):

    I hit 65Kg of close grip chin-ups, best ever. This is the video:

    I increase my 6RM of 5Kg, from 6×45Kg to 6×50Kg, This is the video:

    I think that adding 5Kg (+7%) over a 1RM of 70Kg in only 5 weeks is huge. Honestly I think that I surely could lift 77Kg of overloading, 10%, a nice number. But 7Kg is a foo-foo number. 5Kg, 10Kg are rights, not 7Kg….
    I’ve never felt pain, never. I trained myself in a “fun way”, every session. I hit the goal.

    So, Westside rulez! Because Westside works not only for powerlifting.
    Finally, something about me:

    I train myself alone, at home or in my garage. Madness. This is a video of my PR in deadlift on the box (I on a box 12cm high:

    My daughter see me in this way:

    This is my squat PR:

    And this is my deadlift PR:

    This is my blog
    Thank you for pay attention to me!!!!

  2. #2
    L'avatar di GigiBullo
    GigiBullo non  è collegato Mr Italia
    Data Registrazione
    Nov 2006


    Gratz! stasera me lo leggo tutto

  3. #3
    L'avatar di Venom5
    Venom5 non  è collegato Master Olympia
    Data Registrazione
    Jan 2005


    ottimo articolo(mi sembra di aver già letto questo articolo su un altro forum,bodybuilding italia,e avevo già espresso una mia opinione);cmq grande paolo.......avere una risposta da pavel in persona non è da tutti.
    Complimenti ancora.
    ps.metto l'articolo in evidenza qua per chi non è riuscito a trovarlo javascript:getThread(455800)
    Io:è strano....da te non me lo sarei mai aspettato......per quale motivo mi aiuti?

    Somoja:anche se sei uno stronxo questo non mi impedisce di aiutarti;sei forte......però sei uno stronxo.

  4. #4
    L'avatar di tattoos
    tattoos non  è collegato My life's a heavy luggage
    Data Registrazione
    Jul 2005


    Il Paolino internazionale e bolliglotta !

    Due bei pollici alzati !

  5. #5
    L'avatar di °°sOmOja°°
    °°sOmOja°° non  è collegato Power Doctor -[]-----[]-
    Data Registrazione
    May 2004


    mitico paolo!!
    sulla tua scia anch'io tempo fa (ottobre mi pare) ho provato il westside applicato su un altro esercizio (nel mio caso rematore) ma senza utilizzare le bands.. una figata!

    complimenti e salutaci il tuo amico pavel!

  6. #6
    L'avatar di menphisdaemon
    menphisdaemon non  è collegato Insane Moderator
    Data Registrazione
    Jan 2007
    92 Kg di cattiveria allo stato brado!!!


    Io complimenti non te ne faccio +...
    Cmq, se hai ottenuto una risp da Pavel sei un figo!A proposito: cosa ti ha detto??Se non è personale ovviamente...

  7. #7
    Dany_(84) non  è collegato Mr Olympia
    Data Registrazione
    Jan 2007


    Grande Paolo !!!!!!!!
    Tsatsouline non parla mai a caso, qui il fatto che ti abbia risposto la dice lunga.
    Hai fatto bene ha dirgli che abitavi in una town near Firenze se gli avessi detto che eri di Arezzo manco ti avrebbero cagato

  8. #8
    L'avatar di Corvette
    Corvette non  è collegato John Smith
    Data Registrazione
    Dec 2002


    Complimenti. E' impressionante la forza che hai Paolo! 75 kg di trazioni sono un' enormità. Con 80 kg sulla cinta, non riesco ad andare fino in cima come ho visto dal video.
    Devo darmi un pò di aiuto e la sbarra non riesco a portarmela al petto.
    "Come soleva dire il mio prozio buonanima...lo sterco di cavallo si spande quando lo si calpesta"

    "Come soleva dire il mio prozio buonanima...ascolta sempre lo scorrere del fiume, ma sta attento sempre a non bagnarti"

    "Come soleva dire il mio prozio momento della partenza arriva quando meno te lo aspetti"

  9. #9
    L'avatar di IronPaolo
    IronPaolo non  è collegato Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Data Registrazione
    Nov 2004
    220-162.5-270 gara completa


    Ah grazie a tutti!

    Sono stato tentato di scrivere "Laterina, a little town near Arezzo" ah ah ah 500 abitanti...

  10. #10
    Dany_(84) non  è collegato Mr Olympia
    Data Registrazione
    Jan 2007


    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da IronPaolo Visualizza Messaggio
    Ah grazie a tutti!

    Sono stato tentato di scrivere "Laterina, a little town near Arezzo" ah ah ah 500 abitanti...



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