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    L'avatar di vaestas
    vaestas non  è collegato Principiante
    Data Registrazione
    Jul 2012

    Predefinito vaestas competition diary

    Hello to all,

    Apologies for writing in English, but my written Italian kind of sucks...I will try to write in Italian as I learn it better (constructive comments on both my plan and grammar are always appreciated!).

    I've been dieting now for 8 weeks with pretty good results (pics attached) but want to up the ante and get more cut, faster. The plan I want to follow for the next two weeks is quite drastic in terms of caloric restriction... essentially a protein sparing modified fast (PSMF), whereby virtually all of my calories will be coming from protein.

    START: July 12
    END: July 26

    1.75 cm
    72 kg
    25% bf

    140g protein
    10g carb
    10g fat
    690 calories

    1 REFEED DAY (July 18)
    150g protein
    250g carb
    30g fat
    1870 calories

    6x/week heavy weight training

    30 minutes of LISS post workout

    - Weight
    - Diet
    - Training
    - Cardio
    - Energy levels
    - Photos

    The reason I chose two weeks was because its long enough to see whether this will bring results but also short enough to keep me focused and stick to the plan. I will allow one refeed that will be very, very well documented and planned to avoid binging.

    The pictures below show my progress from May 15 till this week. I will post additional pics of my progress on this diet.

    vaestas competition diary-20120908.jpgvaestas competition diary-20120515.jpgvaestas competition diary-20120909.jpg

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    L'avatar di vaestas
    vaestas non  è collegato Principiante
    Data Registrazione
    Jul 2012


    I forgot to add that my goal would be to compete later this year. But much work to be done until I reach that point!

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    L'avatar di menphisdaemon
    menphisdaemon non  è collegato Insane Moderator
    Data Registrazione
    Jan 2007
    92 Kg di cattiveria allo stato brado!!!


    Welcome on BBH!
    I'm in and I wish you all the best to achieve your goal. Actually I'm not a big fan of PSMF: you're going to slow down your metabolism, you'll lose some muscle and, of course, ormonal shutdown will be inevitable. Please consider using some carbo around your workouts.

    Wich kind of competition you're going to do and in wich federation?
    °°Underground Bodybuilding Militia TRAINER°°

    "You eat, sleep, and drink hypertrophy. You live for the pump. You're a bodybuilder."-Joel Marion-

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    L'avatar di carnera
    carnera è  collegato Ultra Moderatore
    Data Registrazione
    Mar 2008
    Gotham City


    Hi vaestas, where are you from?

    Welcome on BBH.

    Do you prefer comment in English or in Italian?
    Sorry for may bad English, good luck for your competition!
    -Where Eagles Dare-


    Sei nuovo e vuoi fare una domanda senza aver letto questo? Fermati!
    Sei nuovo, leggi qui!

    Link utili:
    Diventare Grozzi Zi Può!
    Nutrizione periwo
    Consigli su come impostare una dieta
    Consigli su come impostare una dieta II

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    L'avatar di vaestas
    vaestas non  è collegato Principiante
    Data Registrazione
    Jul 2012


    Hello all!

    Thanks for your replies! As my signature says, I do understand Italian but just can’t write it well to save my life…so please do feel free to write back in Italian.

    I started a blog on bodyweb as well, and I think I will just maintain that one as it’s a bit of a hassle to keep two up to date.

    You can check it out here:



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