Phil Heath ha firmato un contratto con MuscleTech... tutti i migliori bodybuilder hanno gią acquistato ...

The word had been out for a bit but the word is only a rumor until something more firm comes than you know what on a bright early morning. And like a happy bird on a Friday morning a Twitter came aloft from Phil Heath confirming one thing: "getting really close to a deal with a new company today."

Shortly following was another Tweet from The Gift: "Well, the cat is out of the bag. I will be meeting with MuscleTech today to finalize my new supplement contract. I am very excited!!!" The proverbial cat had been out of the bag - we were just waiting for the Tweet!

Later that day, Phil Tweeted the following: (And duh, the meeting went well.)
"Understand that muscletech is my supplement sponsor and weider is all publications both who I'm exclusive with now" on Met-rx "I have nothing bad to say about them as they were very good to me. I'm excited for the future!"